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A taste of India - All vegetarian, authentic, gourmet and most delicious sweets & savories



Various kinds of namkeen for your tea and cocktails - Dal Moth, Chana Dal, Cashews, Hot Mix, Sev, Namak Pare etc.

CHEVRA MIX: rice flakes, peanuts, cashews , raisins, green chilies, sugar, salt. $5.99 per lb

HOT MIX: cashews, raisins, chana dal, moong dal, green peas, chick peas, chilies, spices. $5.99 per lb

SEVIA NAMKEEN: gram flour, salt, spices. $4.99 per lb


SEV THICK: gram flour, salt, spices. $4.99 per lb

GATHIA THICK: gram flour, salt. $4.99 per lb

SEV PAKORA: gram flour, salt, dry coriander, spices. $5.99 per lb

NAMAK PARE: all purpose flour, salt, azwain. $5.99 per lb

MATHI SALTED: all purpose flour, cumin, black pepper, salt, spices. $5.99 per lb

DAL CHANA: chana dal, salt, spices. $4.99 per lb

DAL MOONG: moong Dal, Salt, Spices. $4.99 per lb

KAJU MASALA: cashews, salt, spices $6.99 per lb

DAL MOTH: lentils, gram flour, salt, groundnut oil, musk melon seeds, spices. $4.99 per lb

RAITA BUNDI: gram flour, ghee shortening. $5.99 per lb

MATHI SWEET: all purpose flour, sugar, almonds. $5.99 per lb

MATHI PLAIN: all purpose flour. $5.99 per lb

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